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Why I Walked Bridgewalk Barefoot

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Barefoot Bridgewalker (he's a hearty sole) Barefoot Bridgewalker (he's a hearty sole) (Used with permission) Copyright © 2015 Corpus Christi Bridgewalk

Simply put - I did it to prove a point.

I want to be clear on some things -

  1. I don't exercise - I do practice critical mindfulness to work on getting my posture correct.
  2. I don't walk barefoot - in fact I don't walk at all other than normal walking here and there.
  3. I don't have thick callous built up on my feet - I got Haole feet aka tender tootsies.

What I have been doing was working on getting my posture correct and once I felt it was good enough for walking - I went out and tested it.  I did a test walk in socks, with the end of the test barefoot, prior to the Corpus Christi Bridgewalk. 

A little history - after being sick for a very long time, I gained weight and my health deteriorated greatly decreasing my mobility.

Fast forward to 2010 - I had slowly, I mean real slowly, started gaining back my health. More like fighting for it.  At that point I started school for Kinesiology aka fitness and started working out.  

As most of my classes were well - fitness related - I got lots of workouts and then some.  Oh my - I found out just how bad I had gotten after 7 years of going down hill from health related issues.

It was so painful trying to keep up with all the exercises in the classes.  My knees, my shoulders, my back, my feet and more were shot and exercise made it worse.  I had some serious health issues and a boat load of pain to accompany them.  

Not only that - I had massive loss of muscle tissue (tissue I will never get back) and I had major joint issues, and prior injuries were now mountains I had to face.  

I can honestly say - at that point - I was hopeless.  The grim reality was - I may not recover fully.

Also, nothing more stupid than to hurt and seriously damage yourself (in some cases permanent) all in the name of making yourself healthy.  Of course - as you can see I'm speaking of myself, but then I decided - no more.

After that - I decided it I will not workout till my alignment aka posture was correct. Because I knew that once I had my posture correct movement would just be natural again, as it is with children who don't workout, but can do amazing things.  I knew once I reached that natural state of being - I could exercise to improve my health and not damage myself like I had been.

That was then, this is now.

Ta Dum!  I was correct - once my alignment was correct - walking, even barefoot, was easy as pie.  Also, I feel like a child again - I can move freely and easily, just as children do.

I am 254 pounds and I feel light as a feather.   Up until I got my alignment correct - I felt every single pound in my body as I walked or moved.  My feet killed me, my back and more killed me.  I dreaded having this extra weight and seeing what it was doing to my joints...the damage it was causing them.

But now - I could add 50, a 100 or more and it wouldn't phase me - I am nimble, light and can turn on a dime.  I can walk pain free, I can run pain free, I can stand pain free and more.  Hint, hint - pain free is nice.  Real nice.  And weight is not an issue.

Please note: Three key things with regard to weight loss or gain is nutrition, exercise and health.  I got the health and nutrition down, but was working on the exercise part - you have to be able to move before you can exercise.  The point I was making above was - I can gain or lose weight and my posture can handle it, hence weight is not the issue anymore.

Now, I am not fully properly aligned and it may take another year before I am where I want to be alignment wise so I can do other types of movement (back flips, jumping and more), but that is okay because I like being pain free and I will eventually get there - PAIN FREE.

Like I said - I will do this all pain free and I don't even exercise - I just practice critical mindfulness.

Okay, yes, I will start exercising what I can move that I can move.  

Hmm, I'm thinking of next time - running the bridgewalk barefoot. 


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