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You Will Never Be As Fast As Your Spine.

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This is one of the many expressions I use to help individuals understand movement.  Another expression I use is 'all movement comes from the spine'.

Of course - movement is much more complex than that and not limited to the spine.  There are many processes to movement that take place outside the spine that play a vital role in our ability to move. The purpose behind me using those expressions is to give individuals a focal point to use to help them improve their movement.  And since the spine is vital to most of our movements - it is a great place to use as a focal point when learning movement.

Another point I want to share is that once one develops a mindful spine - it takes on a life of its own, but then so does developing mindful hands and mindful feet.

In fact, almost every part of your body that you develop mindfully will take on a life of its own.   That may seem weird, but once you understand the why—which I will cover later—it will make more sense.  It is not something I am making up - it is actually based on science.  Not pseudo-science (aka magic), not theory (aka guessing), not ideology (belief structure), but actual repeatable results aka science.

"Developing mindful movements brings one back to a child like state of movement—one moves freely and effortlessly."

Critical Mindfulness

I will say this - it is vital that one develop a mindful spine.  Typically I recommended that individuals first develop mindful hands and feet, as that is how we relate to the world with regards to movement and give them the foundation for developing mindful movements.   From there they go on to develop a mindful spine.  

Please note: that all three of these (mindful hands, feet and spine) are part of the foundation for developing a mindful posture; mindful posture includes squatting, standing, laying, walking, jogging and running—then from there it expands into daily life movements and advance movements.  A mindful posture is critical to developing mindful movements.  Developing mindful movements brings one back to a child like state of movement—one moves freely and effortlessly.

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