∴ Critical Mindfulness

Using reality as the standard, critical mindfulness endeavors—as a calibration of one's being program—to create, collect, maintain and continually improve upon various understandings, practices and procedures utilized to help create, for the practitioner, a movement toward well-being.

∴ History of Critical Mindfulness

As a former USAF metrologists, metrology is the science of measurement, I learned from that field to see the world in a whole new light, a light I would eventually apply to myself to help me end my suffering and improve my well-being.  

In 2008, out of necessity due to health issues, I began seeking and practicing balance by applying the methodology of metrology to my mind, body and spirit, my being.  Basically, I treated myself like a piece of equipment that needed troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and calibration to help get it functioning properly again. I eventually came up with name and tagline for it—it being what can be best described as a wellness calibration program for one's being:

Critical Mindfulness

A Movement Toward Well-Being

The catch was, while I was doing it for my own well-being I realized it could be useful to others too—hence, that is the dual purpose of this site - to continue to help me move toward well-being through helping others.

∴ Therefore Sign logo of Critical Mindfulness

The therefore sign (∴), the logo of critical mindfulness, is a prominent feature in most of the icons created for each individual lessons and tools. The therefore sign represents, in math, following a logical conclusion. The different geometrical shapes of circle, square, diamond etc. used for the different practices or projects are for simple identification purposes only to help one recognize that particular practice or project; there are no hidden meanings, no conspiracies and nothing mystical about them. They are just identifiers to help me organize this project. Plus, it is makes a cool simple logo design.

     As per wikipedia:  Therefore sign - In a mathematical proof, the therefore sign (∴) is a symbol that is sometimes placed before a logical consequence, such as the conclusion of a syllogism.[citation needed] The symbol consists of three dots placed in an upright triangle and is read therefore. It is encoded at U+2234 ∴ therefore (HTML: ∴ ∴). While it is not generally used in formal writing, it is often used in mathematics and shorthand. It is complementary to U+2235 ∵ because (HTML: ∵ ).

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Critical mindfulness is a collection of understanding, practices and procedures utilized for the calibration of one's being.